SIP-Benchmark III was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2009 - 2017.
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Why does SIP-Bench have no Top 10 List?

Different parents have different needs, so we recommend that parents make their own choices based on the special needs: For one a special functionality could be a must, for another, it would be essential to have a tool with an interface in a particular language. For an advanced search go to Search for a tool.

I found a great spying tool on the web to monitor my child’s online activity. Why it is not tested in SIP-BENCH?

In our activities, we are fully committed to respecting children’s rights. The most relevant are right to privacy and right to information. That is why we also underline the importance of communication between parents and children and encourage parents to be fully transparent when it comes to choosing and installing a parental control tool. The underlying assumption of SIP-BENCH is that we do not test any spying tool. Our experts test tools that can improve children’s safety but do not violate their privacy.

Why are there so many bad tools in the result table?

We have tested the main tools available on the market and we have not found any perfect or very good tools. Usually the tools do not perform very well. Anyway they are useful and provide a protection until a certain extent.

Why do you test a lot of tools produced by US companies while the project is aimed mainly at parents in the EU?

The main criterion for choosing the tool for our tests is that they are widely available within the EU. Indeed, they might be produced in the US but if European parents can easily buy them, we include these tools in our tests.

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